Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Streak vs. The Streak

Over the past weekend the longest active streak in the MLU came to an end as the Boston Whitecaps defeated the DC Current. It was rather fitting that it was the Whitecaps who snapped the streak, as it was DC who snapped their's a season ago. 

This has just become the latest chapter in the rivalry that has developed between these two franchises. In the league's now third year, the Whitecaps have won six out of the ten games between the two squads;  the Current have won three out of the four games decided by a single point; and in total Boston has outscored the Current 196- 170 (26 goals). Enough about this rivalry, because that will eventually be covered 20 years from now by an ESPN 30 for 30, but lets talk about their incredible winning streaks. 

These two teams hold the longest two streak's in the MLU's short history of 13 games by the Whitecaps and of 11 games by the Current. In both of these streak's each team went on to win the Eastern Conference Championship as the #1 seed and then advance and win the league title. 

3 Year Record: 19-8

Streak: 13 Games

Duration: 364 Days

Out Scored Opponents: 284-204 (+80)

Average Goals Scored: 21.85 points

Average Goals Against: 15.69 points

Average Margin of Victory: 6.15 points

Who They Beat:
New York Rumble (5 games): 106-74 (+32)
DC Current (4 games): 90-66 (+24)
Philadelphia Spinners (3 games): 68-49 (+19)
San Francisco Dogfish (1 game): 20-15 (+5)

3 Year Record: 17-10

Streak: 11 Games

Duration: 377 Days

Out Scored Opponents: 243-189 (+54)

Average Goals Scored: 22.09 points

Average Goals Against: 17.18 points

Average Margin of Victory: 4.91 points

Who They Beat: 
Philadelphia Spinners (4 games): 86-73 (+13)
New York Rumble (3 games): 76-48 (+28)
Boston Whitecaps (3 games): 58-51 (+7)
Vancouver Nighthawks (1 game): 23-17 (+6)

Currently the Portland Stags now hold the longest active winning streak in the league, winning the first four games of the season. Could they be that one dominant team that the league sees every season? Only time will tell but as the latest Power Rankings have them as the top dog.

Other Notable MLU Winning Streaks (As of 5/13/2015):
Vancouver Nighthawks: 5 games (end-2014)
San Francisco Dogfish: 5 games (mid-2013)
Portland Stags: 4 games (longest active)
Portland Stags: 4 games (mid-2014)
Seattle Rainmakers: 4 games (mid-2013)
*The Philadelphia Spinners and New York Rumble have never won more than 2 games in a row*

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