Friday, May 9, 2014

New Names, Same Teams, New Places in 2014

The 2013-2014 offseason was filled with tons of off the field drama. The league leading scorer went from one Eastern-Conference foe to another, as well as the Western Conference Champions losing a majority of their starters from last season.  However, a key factor in any sport has to be the head coaches and of course the fan base.  The league showed that they were content to build the fan bases in the current eight cities than rather expand before the league was ready.  Also a new MLU rule this year instituted that there should be no more "player-coaches" for 2014.  In doing so a majority of players stepped up to their new roles on their teams, while other franchises looked elsewhere.  In some instances some head coaches just decided to part ways with the team. Nonetheless, the 2014 season has already showed that a variety of factors has influenced how this season will play out, but just for sanity's sake here is an update on some coaching and location changes for all the teams in the MLU.

New Head Coach: Sam Rosenthal
Coaching Experience: None
College: Carleton College

Former Coach: Jason Adams

New Stadium: Hormel Stadium, Medford, MA
Old Stadium: Bowditch Field, Framingham, MA

Notes: New stadium is located closer to the city of Boston and the loss of their head coach, Jason Adams, will and has been showing this season. Will be a challenge for them to defend their title this year.

New York Rumble
New Head Coach: Anthony Nunez
Coaching Experience: Youth, High School (Columbia), Co-Ed Club (Blueprint), Rutgers Machine, and NY Rumble Assistant in 2013.
College: William Paterson University

Former Coach: Daniel Quaranta

Stadium: Union City High School Football Field, Union City, NJ

Notes: Same field with the interesting setting of being on top of a high school, fans are real close to the field and a beautiful view of New York.  Even though it is outside of the city, the team will still offer a "fan bus" from Manhattan to the stadium.

Philadelphia Spinners
Head Coach: Billy Maroon
Coaching Experience: Philadelphia Spinners 2012 assistant coach & 2013 head coach

New Stadium: Franklin Field (4/12, 6/21), University City, PA; Colonial Stadium (4/26), Plymouth Meeting, PA; Sweeney Field (5/18, 6/15), Philadelphia, PA
Old Stadium: Colonial Stadium

Notes: Billy Maroon is one of the best coaches as far as pro ultimate is concerned, with the 2012 AUDL championship in his back pocket. It will still be tough having three different home stadiums this season and no "home-field" advantage.

Portland StagsNew Head Coaches: Danny Quarrell & Michael Knapp
Coaching Experience (respectively): University of Portland, Women's Club (Schwa) & Reed College, Women's Club (Schwa)
College (respectively): Unknown & Oregon State

Former Coach: Justin Becker

New Stadium: Doc Harris Stadium (4/12, 5/3), Camas, WA; Mt. Hood CC (5/17, 5/31), Gresham, OR; South Eugene High School (6/21), Eugene, OR
Old Stadium: Griswold Stadium

Notes: Another interesting situation where the Stags are going with three home stadiums as well as the fact they have two head coaches. Who am I to criticize though, because it seems to be paying off this year.

San Francisco DogfishHead Coach: Justin Safdie
Coaching Experience: None
College: Brown University

New Stadium: Matthew J. Boxer Stadium
Old Stadium: Kezar Stadium

Notes: Will be one of the lone grass fields in the MLU, a different feel than the regular turf.  Better news is that it will be the sole home stadium for the season 2014. It will be great with Justin Safdie still as head coach because he has his work cut for him to try and make the playoffs.

Seattle RainmakersHead Coaches: Mario O’Brien & Steve Gussin
Coaching Experience (respectively): Unknown & High School
College (respectively): Unknown &Evergreen State College

Former Coach: Ben Wiggins

Stadium: Renton Memorial Stadium

Notes: Great facility in keeping Renton Memorial for the Rainmakers, however there will be a game played at Mount Vernon High School in the first annual "Border Bid" against Vancouver.  This team will be another case where there will be a coaching-duo, although there will different responsibilities it still will be interesting.

Washington DC CurrentHead Coach: Keven Moldenhauer
Coaching Experience: Women's College (Salisbury), Men's College (Towson), High School, Basketball, 2013 Player-Coach for DC Current
College: Salisbury University

New Stadium: Cardinal Stadium
Old Stadium: Blazer Stadium

Notes: Moving the stadium into the heart of DC is great especially being right off the Metro so its easy to get to. Also it will be great having Moldenhauer coming back to coach and not being a player, so he can focus on team responsibilities.

Vancouver Nighthawks

Head Coach: Andrew Lugsdin
Coaching Experience: Open Club (Furious George)

Stadium: Thunderbird Stadium

Notes: Same coach and stadium for the Nighthawks in the 2014 season. Lugsdin is a great coach with experience in coaching taking Furious George to the world championships, hoping to have a similar outcome with Vancouver to the MLU Championship.

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