Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 4 Power Rankings

Another action filled weekend on both coasts in the MLU.  Another Eastern Conference team proved that they can match up with last years champion, Portland continues to show that they are a threat for a Western Conference Playoff Berth, and last year's Western Conference Champion has almost eliminated themselves from the playoffs in only four weeks of play.

1. DC Current: 3-1

Last Week: 2  Change: +1

Defeated Philadelphia Spinners 25-23

The "D" in DC came out this weekend.  In their game against the pesky Philadelphia Spinners, the Current's D-line were able to break them four straight times to build their giant lead in the 3rd quarter.  The only concern was how the offense stumbled late in letting Philadelphia come back and almost tie the game. Other than that the team looked solid and are alone on top of the Eastern Conference for the first time in franchise history.

2. Portland Stags: 3-0

Last Week: 3  Change: +1

Defeated San Francisco Dogfish 21-17

Okay honestly who would have tabbed Portland as the last undefeated team in the MLU? That's right, no one.  I must admit that their rise to the top of the West surprised me and I did not see coming.  This weekend the team never trailed the Dogfish in their second win against the defending Western Conference Champions.  The team looked clean on offense and solid on defense until they strung together four straight breaks.  The Stags, despite not having their top player Timmy Perston, are on track to make a run for the playoffs and are now put in the argument for the favorite for the MLU Championship.

3. Boston Whitecaps: 2-2

Last Week: 1  Change: -2

Lost to New York Rumble 17-18

Boston once again proved that they were human by losing to the Rumble in a very wet, stormy night. The conditions were too much for Boston and could not mount a comeback after the Rumble took a large lead in the 3rd.  More interesting though is that last year a majority of teams struggled to score on Boston's D-lines, but now two teams have showed that their new system works and can score.

4. Seattle Rainmakers: 3-1

Last Week: 4 Change: +0

Defeated San Francisco Dogfish 18-16

The Rainmakers finished their regular series against the Dogfish with another win, ending up with a 2-1 record against San Francisco.  Seattle looked in absolute control of the first half and built a comfortable 12-3 lead.  Luckily for them their lead seemed to be too much for the Dogfish as the wind picked up. This win even came without Adam Simon and Sam Harkness for Seattle, an encouraging sign for the team.

5. New York Rumble: 2-2

Last Week: 5  Change: +0

Defeated Boston Whitecaps 18-17

You would think that a team that just defeated the defending MLU Champions, that was atop last week's power rankings, and had only lost one game in two years would move up right? Wrong.  Unfortunately for the Rumble, they are in an awkward spot in the standings with Seattle, Portland, and DC winning and did not show to be that they were a team that was better than Boston.  Great win by the team and something to build off of but still some work needs to be done.

6. Vancouver Nighthawks: 1-2

Last Week: 7  Change: +1

Bye Week

The Nighthawks did not play this week and hopefully used it to regroup to have a rematch against the Rainmakers at home this upcoming weekend. This team has constantly gone up and down in the standings so it will be interesting to see which Vancouver team will actually show up.  They only move up a spot in the standings in part to Philadelphia's loss.

7. Philadelphia Spinners: 1-3

Last Week: 6  Change: -1

Lost to DC Current 23-25

The never-give-up team so far into the 2014 season has to be the Philadelphia Spinners.  Another fantastic comeback by the Spinners kept the Current uneasy in what would be an eventual loss that dropped the Spinners to the basement of the East.  Nick Hirannet still is doing his best to carry the load on the team, while Matt Esser shows his strength on both offense and defense.

8. San Francisco Dogfish: 1-5

Last Week: 8  Change: +0

Lost to Portland Stags 17-21
Lost to Seattle Rainmakers 16-18

Two more losses for a struggling San Francisco team that on this road trip was missing 12 players from their roster.  In due to the financial situation of the league, and the location of San Francisco compared to the rest of the Western Conference, the MLU had to schedule these back-to-back games to cut down on costs.  Right now the team is past halfway in their season and is the only team that does not control their own fate; if they win out, they can still miss the playoffs.

This upcoming weekend only six teams will be in action with both the Stags and the Dogfish being in byes.  In the East the Rumble will travel to DC for their first matchup with the Current, while Philly will do the same with the Boston Whitecaps.  The lone game in the west will be the Nighthawks hosting Seattle, as Vancouver hopes to get back in control of their season.

Don't agree? Tell me what I missed in the comments section and who you think 
should be at the top.

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