Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 6 Power Rankings

Every week in the MLU never fails to disappoint.  New York promised revenge against DC but came up short once again, Boston remains winless on the road, and Portland suffered their first loss of the season.  Once again every matchup in the league had a huge impact on the playoffs and where everyone will end up at the end of the year.  We have officially passed the mid season mark of 2014 but there is a lot left to happen in this season.

1. DC Current: 5-1

Last Week: 1  Change: +0

Defeated New York Rumble 27-18

New York acted like they were primed to show up the team that destroyed them last week, and after the first quarter they looked to have the opportunity to do so.  However once again the Current were way too much for the Rumble.  The duo of Markham Shofner and Alan Kolick is proving to be one of the top handlers in the league but once again it was the teams defense that put away this game.  DC's defense provided five straight breaks for the team en route to their third straight win, the longest running winning streak in the MLU.

2. Seattle Rainmakers: 4-2

Last Week: 5 Change: +3

Defeated Portland Stags 25-23

I normally am not a fan of bumping up a team three spots in an eight team league but after their handling of Portland, a team that has controlled the West this year, Seattle deserved it.  The final count looks deceiving, but Seattle was in control of the match the entire game, despite allowing Portland to come back.  Donnie Clark had another strong performance in Seattle's first game against the Stags in 2014

3. Portland Stags: 3-1

Last Week: 2  Change: -1

Lost to Seattle Rainmakers 23-25

Portland has taken advantage of opportunity they have been given this season, and they almost were given another at the end of the Rainmakers game. The Stags started the fourth down 15-20, almost coming back in an improbable fashion.  Friedman and Bjorkland both had impressive outings, still playing without Timmy Perston.  Portland suffered their first loss of the season in their first game against Seattle, this loss opened up the West and gives teams an opportunity to work back into playoff contention.

4. Boston Whitecaps: 3-3

Last Week: 3  Change: -1

Lost to Philadelphia Spinners 25-26

These are not the same dominating Whitecaps of last season, the entire league has stepped up their game play and Boston not as much. This season the Whitecaps are 3-0 at home (still 9-0 in Boston in the franchise's history). However the more stunning stat is that Boston is 0-3 on the road.  Loses to DC, New York, and Philly are huge especially if DC is to get the #1 seed in the playoffs.  Granted the plus-minus margin for those three away games is (-3) so the road is not too terrible for Boston to play at.

5. Vancouver Nighthawks: 2-3

Last Week: 4  Change: -1

Lost to San Francisco Dogfish 12-13 OT

Another game that had the wind as a huge factor allowed the Dogfish to comeback and eventually win in overtime over the Nighthawks.  There were a ton of turnovers by both sides, including one point which had a combined 16 turnovers and lasted seven minutes long.  The loss keeps the Nighthawks 1.5 games behind Portland in the standings for the final playoff spot in the West.  Next week Vancouver will try and make some of that ground up as the take on the Stags at home.

6. Philadelphia Spinners: 2-4

Last Week: 7  Change: +1

Defeated Boston Whitecaps 26-25

The best game played by the Spinners this season, some would go as far to say their best game in their history in the MLU, but I'm not going to make those comparisons.  In a game in front of 1,500+ fans, Philadelphia had a complete team effort from the entire team. Nick Hirannet had six assists and the D-line, which was lead by Frederick Brasz, was the ultimate factor in the Spinners getting their first ever franchise win against Boston. Philadelphia is now one game behind Boston in the standings for the final spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.

7. San Francisco Dogfish: 2-5

Last Week: 8  Change: +1

Defeated Vancouver Nighthawks 13-12 OT

Past their doubleheader weekends, San Francisco is trying to make a next to impossible playoff push after their bad start to this season.  The Dogfish were somehow able to comeback against Vancouver this weekend despite the wind  and a 12-10 deficit, scoring the final 3 points of the match. The team will rely on captain Evan Boucher (three D's, two assists, and a goal) the rest of the way for motivation in their final three games.

8. New York Rumble: 2-4

Last Week: 6  Change: -2

Lost to DC Current 18-27

New York promised a better performance this weekend against the Current, and according to the final counts they did, however the end result was no where near what they wanted.  After starting off being tied 3-3, New York let DC score seven straight point allowing the Current to pull away for the rest of the game.  In order to make the playoff now New York has to pull off at least one more victory against the Whitecaps and probably taking at least one game from the Spinners and the final game against the Current.

After this week, officially moving past the halfway point in the season, four team go on a bye this weekend.  The DC Current, Philadelphia Spinners, San Francisco Dogfish, and Seattle Rainmakers all have off this weekend to prepare for the homestretch in the 2014 season.  The only two games this week will be the Nighthawks trying to gain ground on the Stags for the final playoff spot, and New York trying to get back into their winning ways as they travel to Boston.  Be on the lookout on Thursday/ Friday for my mid-season awards and my outlook for the teams to make the playoffs.

Don't agree? Tell me what I missed in the comments section and who you think 
should be at the top.

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